Monday, December 7, 2009


The last few weeks our community has been looking at the first six chapters of Genesis. We 're approaching the Bible as God's story, and looking at God as he is revealed through each part of the story. What we have seen so far is a God who goes by different names - Elohim in some parts, and Yaweh in others. We've seen a God who feels, who cries out in anguish after Adam and Eve eat the fruit. A picture of God has emerged that is passionately in love with his creation, and seems to change somewhat after punishing those who disobey him.

As we have gone through this story so far, I have started to wonder about a few things. In my journey, I have gone from being certain about what Scripture teaches about God and his dealings with men to having questions, from holding a tight systematic theology to realizing that things just don't fit into a nice neat package. Some who knew me back in the day would say that I have slipped into near heresy, at least. Others would say , "Well, he never was that good of a student anyway." That's fine. I can live with that.

Maybe the Calvinists and the Arminians are right. Maybe God is sovereign and in control, yet at the same time gives us free will. Maybe God is unchangeable and changing, responding to the different things his creatures do. Maybe God's purpose for his creation will be fulfilled and people can hinder that purpose, at least to some degree. Maybe God is all-knowing and in some sense learning as he goes along.

There are a number of things that are seeming contradictions in God and how he deals with what he has created, yet somehow fit into his eternal purpose and nature. I'm not sure at this point in life that any of the systems we have come up with over the centuries have a handle on this whole idea of God. I've come to realize that God is far bigger and wilder than what we can even realize, that there is no box in the universe large enough to put God in. I don't think God wants us to understand him or figure out everything about him. I think rather, that God wants us to know him, to have a relationship with him based on his love toward us and our love back to him. He wants us to experience him as a loving Father, not as a subject to be dissected and studied. Jan and I have been married for twenty nine years, and while I know her better than I did when we first met, I will never know everything about her. But, my love for Jan grows stronger every day as I spend time with her, rest in her love for me, and seek to serve her and love her. I believe that's the kind of relationship the Father wants with us.

I am comfortable with the questions. I don't have to be absolutely certain about everything. Actually, I'm looking forward to being in the Father's presence and being amazed at how everything worked out.


Kansas Bob said...

"Some who knew me back in the day would say that I have slipped into near heresy, at least."

I know what you mean. Sometimes I look back and can hardly recognize the guy that I used to be.

co_heir said...

Yeah, it's amazing how God works and changes us if we stay open to the Spirit.

Kansas Bob said...

Staying tuned into the Spirit for me has meant learning to live from my innermost being (ala John 7:38) instead of my Christian brain. It has been a long journey.. not because I am brainy but because I am stiff-necked.

co_heir said...

"...not because I am brainy but because I am stiff-necked."

Boy do I know that feeling.

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