Friday, July 31, 2009


This has been kind of a slow week for me. Yesterday, I spent about 5 hours helping Jan move everything that belongs to her out of the classroom where she's been teaching. It was hard for her to pack up all the stuff that accumulates over a period of years that was such a major part of our lives. We're both looking forward to the next thing the Father has for us on our journey.

As usual, here are the links:

Alan Knox has a couple of good posts up, here and here. iMonk writes about caricatures. Spirit vs structure. Jonathan gets honest with himself. Don Miller on stories. Sometimes the questions are tough. Crazy things dogs have eaten. Scot McKnight reviews a book about forgiveness. John Armstrong on Judge Sotomayor.

Jeff McQ claims he hasn't backslidden. Short but sweet from fr'nklin. Karen Swank writes on value, beauty, and worth. Are there non-negotiable beliefs for Christians?

Have a great weekend.

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