Friday, August 22, 2008


This week was a wake up call for the American track team. Maybe if they practiced more than just a couple of times before the race, the relay teams wouldn't drop the baton. It's a problem that shows up far too often. This week has shown the sprinters that they are not untouchable.

Here's the good stuff:

Dan Edelen has some ideas on cleaning up after Lakeland, etc. Part 1 is here.

AnneDroid has changed over the years.

Dan Burrell writes about church names. (HT: Scot McKnight)

Michael Spencer thinks about the cross.

Jeff McQ is dreaming some more.

Jonathan Brink ponders following.

Anthony Smith is running for President. Who knew?

Here's a guide for sending those nasty e-mails.

This is hilarious. (HT: Brother Maynard)

We're being repossessed.

Gospel = lima beans?

Jared Wilson is being subversive.

Tomorrow night Josh and I are going to see the Panthers play the Redskins. Enjoy your weekend.

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