Monday, August 11, 2008

Disclaimer Needed

Barb says I need to put some sort of disclaimer on my blog. For some reason she thinks that I, along with quite a few other bloggers are subversive and dangerous. Now I don't even pretend to think I'm in the same league as Brother Maynard, Internet Monk. Grace, and others. But if a fellow blogger thinks a disclaimer is necessary, who am I to refuse .

WARNING: Reading this blog may cause you to rethink some of the beliefs and assumptions you have about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. You may even question some of the things you were taught by parents, teachers, and pastors. It's possible that you may begin to look at the Bible in a different way than ever before. You may even come to believe that God's grace is not just for a "home in heaven", but is for all of life, and that the Kingdom is here and now as well as to come in the future. You may realize that you are free to follow Jesus as he leads you, not as an institution directs. You could possibly become discontented with "church" as you've known it, and you may wish for authentic community and desire to advance the Kingdom outside of the four walls of a building, seeing that we don't go to church, we are the church. This may cause a dislocation in relationships as friends have a hard time dealing with your strange new ideas. You may even lose friends and learn what Jesus meant when he said he came to divide. You may experience any of this by reading this blog. You will probably experience it by reading any of the blogs listed below. You have been warned.

After I posted this, I realized that Barb's idea was for this disclaimer to be posted:

Beware all who land on this site. This site may enable you to see truth for the first time. Seeing truth may be just what you are looking for but you need to be careful. Once you have tasted truth you will never be able to stomach lies. You are on dangerous ground if you ever want to fit into the established system. You may lose all your friends. You may not have anyone left to worship with. Your children may be left only to you to raise. God will not be controlled any longer. He will be good but no longer safe in that you will not be able to predict his every move. And as for many of your friends. You will need to be willing to loose them. They may (probably will) shun you, dismiss you and turn away from you despite what you now may think. You need to think long and hard about this because it will affect your life. Please be careful with this site. Only enter at your own risk.


Rainer said...

Hope you don't mind... I decided to post a disclaimer on my site, and I liked yours so I "borrowed" it (with credit of course).

co_heir said...

I don't mind at all. :)

Acts 14

From my opportunity to teach in our gathering this morning: