Saturday, September 22, 2018

Weekend Wanderings

Here in our little corner of the sunny South, we survived Hurricane Florence. We were just south of the circulation of the bands of high wind and rain, so we escaped. The folks to the east of us had a rough time and now face even more flooding as the water from upstream comes back down already swollen rivers as it returns to the sea. Please pray for the people in the eastern part of the Carolinas, and help if you are able.

On to the links:

Remembering Johnny Cash.
Drawing lines.
Hurricane prep.
Two lies.
Watch out for those houseplants.

Good question.
This is an amazing story.
A dangerous place to be.
Good article from Mark Galli.
Thought provoking post from Keith Giles.

Awkward album covers.
This is interesting.
She wrote the book, and then evidently lived it.
Amazing photo, with a cool story.

A poem.
Good post.
Remembering a streak.
Called or not called?

Have a blessed week!

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