Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekend Wanderings

Now that March is here, Spring has taken a bit of a break here in the sunny South. Temperatures have dropped, although we are not facing what folks in the Midwest or Northeast have to deal with. There is a touch of madness in the air, as the college basketball season enters its final month. My Xavier Musketeers have a good chance of going deep in the tournament this year. Which team is your favorite?

On to the good stuff:

Good Lenten post from Chaplain Mike.
Good advice for church leaders.
Good post about beauty, goodness, and truth.
Good question.
Leading a church through difficult times.

Not sure this is a good thing.
Sometimes you just can't avoid the arguments.
Classy move.
Thoughtful post from David Moore.

Going on and on.
Bob Edwards on grace.
Benjamin Corey is fasting from Lent.
Christian Bill of Rights.
Good post from Kurt Willems.

Have a blessed week!

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