Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekend Wanderings

There's quite a bit of excitement in this part of the sunny South. The Carolina Panthers will be playing in the Super Bowl and everyone is hoping they will come home with a win. The primaries begin soon and it will be interesting to see who is the first candidate to finally accept the inevitable and drop out.

On to the good stuff:

John Frye on bread crumbs.
Zack Hunt asks a good question.
I'll bet you didn't know this.
Francis Schaeffer on culture.

This makes sense.
Future church.
This is interesting.
Scary Christians.

A celebration(?) of sinkholes.
Run, dog, run!
Good post from Chad Bird.
Maybe this should be real?
Funny article.

Bearing witness.

Have a blessed week!

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Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings will be a bit shorter than usual this time. This has been a busy week. I am part of an organization of artists that seeks...