Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

It's a beautiful fall weekend here in the sunny South. Yesterday, Jan and I spent the day at the farm of one of our friends, drawing with a group of artists. Jan did a good job on her drawing, and considering it was only about the second time I've really tried to draw anything, I didn't do half bad either. While our state is drying out, the folks in California are getting much needed rain. The problem is that the ground is so dry that the rain ran off and caused flash flooding and landslides. Hopefully they'll get more rain at a slower rate.

Here is the good stuff:

David Moore interviews Scot McKnight.
Sweden is going cashless.
Interesting, and disturbing.
Good article from Thom Ranier.
Son of a carpenter.

The neverending workday.
A poem.
Excellent post from Stephanie Phillips.
Waking up with Leah.
7 strikes.

Fathers and sons.
Letting go.
Just what is purpose?
Is there a tiny church movement?
Good question from Zack Hunt.

A prayer from Michael Spencer.
Just stories?
Which character are you?
Good post from Chaplain Mike.

Have a blessed week!

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