Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend Wanderings

Football season is upon us. The NFL has begun the preseason, colleges are getting ready to play, and the high schools have had their jamboree scrimmages. If it seems as if it's too hot for football, it is. But that's the way it goes.Parts of the country continue to suffer because of drought, and California is pretty much on fire. Pray for those folks. In China, explosions and fires continue in Tianjin, while the government denies that they have ordered evacuations, even as people evacuate. Schools go back into session this week here in the sunny South, increasing the morning traffic.

Now for the news you can use, or at least enjoy:

This is good news.
As is this.
How to lose your freedom.
Why church history matters.
A list worth checking out.

The heart of a slave.
Who's your father?
A review of The Fellowship.
Portraits of forgiveness in film.

Sounds like an interesting time.
Odd and fascinating houses.
Classic post from Michael Spencer.
Are you bored?

A man's world?
Good post by Allan Bevere.
Good article from Jonathan Storment.
Good question from Dan Edelen.
Vocation as holy ground.

Have a blessed week!

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