Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

The elections are over, and the real winners are those of us who don't have to sit through any more campaign ads. Now that we're not sending any troops to Iraq, 1500 more advisers have been sent there. Anyone remember Vietnam? Enough soapbox. Here in the sunny South, it's leaf raking season. The leaves have reached their peak, and are now covering everything.

On to the important stuff:

Lacey Carpenter asks a question.
Good article from Preston Sprinkle.
Such a waste.
Good post from Keith Brauneis

This is a great story.
Just go play.
Linda C. Smith on faith.
Josh is moving.
Good thoughts from Todd Hiestand.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary on being blessed.
Challenging words from Jared Wilson.
John Frye on the Bible.
Zack Hunt asks a good question.

What does "kingdom" mean?
Mike Bell on temptation.
One of the more interesting t-shirts I've seen in a while.

Have a blessed week!

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