Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

After a few days of warmer weather, fall is back here in the sunny South. The air is cool and the leaves are just starting to turn. The baseball playoffs have begun, and it looks like my favorite team, the Orioles, might have a chance to go all the way. Football season is going strong and basketball is just around the corner.

On to the links:

A place to fail.
Just in case you were wondering.
To wash, or not?
Nate Pruitt begins a series on Sabbath.
Right? Wrong? Neither?

Steve Brown says we should lighten up.
Zack Hunt on the rapture.
Lovable loser?

Bridging the divide.
Chaplain Mike says the Bible should be rated "R".
Good post from Mary Grace.
It seems there's not a lot of countries jumping at the chance to host the Olympics.
This is a troubling report.

Khristi L. Adams on being single in the church.
Mike Erich on masks.
John Frye on Jesus' " severe parable. "

That's all for now. Have a blessed week!

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