Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

Not much has been different here in the sunny South. It's summer again, after a stretch of cooler weather. Those who claim to know say we'll have a colder and wetter winter. We'll see.

On to the links:

Bill Cosby weighs in.
Good post from Dan Edelen.
Love and shame.
Some ideas.
In, or out?

Mr. Rogers.
Good questions.
Two good things.
Beautiful feet.
Saving what?

Humility without being humble.
Opening our hearts.
Don't worry.
A good article on what is happening to children.
Zack Hunt on faith.

Good post from Eugene Cho.
Love in the desert.

Have a blessed week!


KC Bob said...

Appreciate the link Fred. Rained last night and the extreme heat seems to be on the way out. Beautiful 70 degree morning today.

Fred Shope said...

You're welcome. Glad the temps are going down. It's going to cool down a bit here later this week, but then we're going out to CA next week and we'll be in some pretty hot weather.

KC Bob said...

Happy trails Fred. Have a great trip.

Weekend Wanderings

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