Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

It's that time again. Is it just me, or are the weeks going by faster? Things are humming along here in the sunny South. Jan's dad is still in rehab from breaking his hip at the beginning of June. Hopefully he'll be able to get back home in a few weeks. I am still looking for work. There are some possibilities out that there, but nothing concrete as of yet. Yesterday, I had the chance to catch up with one of my basketball players from a few years back. He and his family came through town and we had breakfast together. It was encouraging to see him and hear how well he was doing as a teacher, coach, husband, and father.

Here are this week's links:

Slow church, sin and repentance.
A Jesus shaped response to Israel and Gaza.
Confessions of a local pastor.
To the one losing her faith.
The ten official Trappist breweries.

Apartments in DC are getting smaller.
Good post from Kristen Welch.
How poor?
This is good.
Good Kickstarter project.

Five Bible verses to stop misusing.
A Biblical case for awesome beards.
Visions of glory.
Review of a book on the Crusades. Looks interesting.
Mike Bell on hitchhiking.

Have a blessed week!

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Weekend Wanderings

After some really warm days here in the sunny South, the temperatures have been just a bit above normal with a fair amount of rain. The prof...