Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

It's getting colder here in the sunny South. We've had a few days of warmer weather, but it's supposed to be quite a bit colder than usual the next few days. Friday was the 50th anniversary of the deaths of John F. Kennedy, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley. It's been a long time, and lives and works of each of them are still having an impact on many. Basketball has begun, and the balls are bouncing in gyms all around the world. Players from peewee teams to the NBA are practicing and putting their skills on display before fans, friends, and family. Thanksgiving Day is this coming Thursday, and many will be traveling to spend time with their loved ones and give thanks for the bounties given by a gracious God. A great deal of food will be consumed, and hopefully those of us who are partaking will remember those who are less well off.

On to the real reason you are here:

The decisions of poor people.
Ruth Wilson passes on some tough words.
Pope Francis on the over commercialism of athletes.
Eric Carpenter reflects on C.S. Lewis.
Thanks for godly examples.

Brant Hansen answers a question.
You could get this for me for Christmas.
Mensch on a Bench.
Where the wind still sings.
Scot McKnight reflects on C.S. Lewis.

Rachel Barnette on redefining beauty.
Messy Bible, clean lives.
Christ the King.
Keith Giles has an unbelievable truth.

Zach Hoag on niceness.
On being thankful.
Heather writes about armistice.
Soft difference.
Jeff Dunn on being vulnerable.

More gracious than God?
Eric Carpenter has a series on women of the church. The intro. is here.
Shameful, ridiculous, and cruel.
Scot McKnight on some no comments.
Hard times and free sandwiches, and a bonus.

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KC Bob said...

Thanks for the link Fred!

I knew that Lewis and Kennedy died on the same day but did not know about Huxley. Thanks for the info!


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