Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

The school year has ended and there is much rejoicing. The students are pretty happy as well. It is thunderstorm season, and already those storms have spawned tornadoes around the country. Hurricane season is also here, and the first tropical storm of the year has made its way up the east coast.

After a few weeks off, here are the links:

1 Corinthians from a different angle.
Missing purpose.
Scaling gracefully.
Power play.

Diane Nienhuis asks a good question.
A poem from Damaris Zehner.
Whitney Foreman on forgiveness.
Todd Hiestand on handling conflict.
Zack Hunt on the Bible.

No king but Caesar?
Culture > Vision.
Pervasive mutuality.
Craft time Christianity.

I don't know. This goes a bit too far, if you ask me.
Wayward Son has control issues.
Neil Braithwaite on the rich young pastor.
From Scot McKnight: What is love?
Joel Miller on the Bible's most highlighted verse.

Have a blessed week!

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