Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

It's been a good week here in the sunny South. It's Mother's Day weekend, and I want to make sure all of you know that the mother of my children, my wife, is the most beautiful person in the world. I'm totally unbiased so, there you go. The Church lost a wise voice this week with the passing of Dallas Willard. He will be missed.

Here are the links:

Ascension Day.
Artists and the Church.
Playing well with others.


Larry Shallenberger on seeds.
Arthur Sido on success.
Zack Hunt on loving enemies.
Alan Knox on connections. Part 1.
Matt Appling on offending.

9 words.
Wounded faith.
The race.
Funny stuff.

Chaplain Mike on Law and Gospel.
Scot McKnight on the mysticism of Paul.
Richard Foster on Dallas Willard.
This is a good story.
Tim Elmore on raising emotionally healthy kids.

That's all for this time. Have a blessed week.

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Weekend Wanderings

After some really warm days here in the sunny South, the temperatures have been just a bit above normal with a fair amount of rain. The prof...