Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

The cardinals have gathered in Rome, and there soon will be a new pope. In other news, the cardinals, blue jays, and robins are gathering in our yard, and spring weather is making its way in. Since it's March, the madness is about to begin, with some of the smaller college conferences running their tournaments this weekend. Who will be Cinderella this year? It will be interesting to see.

Here is the good stuff:

How to become a pope.
A good reminder from Kansas Bob.
Raised with Christ.
Jim Wallis on "The Bible".
Fun facts about popes and conclaves.

Jared Murray on solitude and community.
Using social media.
Daniel Jepsen begins a series on being radical.
The prime directive of Scripture.
Zack Hunt on Christian unity.

Keith Giles begins a series on unbelievable truth.
The young goat god.
Alan Knox on ministry.
Lessons from an ass.
John Frye on discipleship.

Caffeine facts.
Scot McKnight  on the Sermon on the Mount.
The Gardner.
Frank Viola has a series on the Holy Spirit. Part 1 is here.

Have a blessed week!


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the link Fred!

I hear that the Cardinals are also gathering someplace warm for Spring Training. :)

co_heir said...

:) I forgot about those Cardinals! You're welcome for the link.


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