Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Wanderings

Well, we survived the Fog Storm of 2013. At least, that's what a local weatherman called it. Thursday was foggy and damp all day and the temperature ended up twenty degrees cooler than predicted. Oh well. Jan and I saw Les Miserables yesterday. The theme of grace and redemption was strong throughout the movie. I may write a bit more about it later.

Here are the links of the week.

Eric Carpenter on the priesthood of the believer.
Jared Wilson with some encouragement.
Jake Belder has the answer.
Chaplain Mike on the hidden God.

Brain drains.
Being human.
Hating change.
A modern day parable.

Scot McKnight on fellowship shaped faith.
Keith Giles on forgiveness.
Anna Clark on Sabbath.
Wayward Son on the church.

Good question.
Jon Acuff doesn't believe in grace.
Hostile forces.
Jeff Dunn on saving evangelicalism.

That's all for now. Have a blessed week.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the link Fred!

Have a great week!

co_heir said...

I will. You have a great one too!


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