Friday, December 21, 2012

Musings on a Birthday

On the eve of my fifty seventh birthday, I thought I'd sit down and let my thoughts wander onto the page and see what happens. There may be a bit of rambling as I'm just going to type and see what comes out. You have been warned.

Things have changed a lot in the last fifty seven years. We now have computers that fit in the palm of your hand and cars that are rolling computers. We can now see events on the other side of the globe as they happen. We can get information instantly. We can now let thousands of people know our deepest thoughts. Governments can be toppled by folks on computers and smart phones. The map has changed, as nations have disappeared and new ones have taken their place. Some areas of the world have grown richer, while others have sunk deeper into poverty. There are new religions, and new denominations within Christianity. There are small storefront congregations, and mega-churches numbering in the tens of thousands. Groups have arisen that have attempted to return the church to its roots, and others have tried to change it into something new and different. What has not changed is the desire of people everywhere to love and be loved, and the brokenness that makes that difficult, at times impossible.

My own journey has taken me from a little boy who asked Jesus to save me, to a teenager who rebelled against some of the status quo, to a young adult who thought he knew the truth and had all the answers, to an older man who has come to realize that all of life boils down to one thing. Or rather, one person. I have become, in the words of the late Michael Spencer, reduced to Jesus. For me, everything I do, say, or think is to be filtered through the teachings of Jesus Christ. That is not always a fun and easy way to live, as it means dying to myself and letting Jesus live in me. I don't begin to even approach doing it well. Many times I don't do it at all. I'm far too ready to do things the way I want, to fix things the way I think they should. As you would expect, the results are usually pretty disastrous.

As I sit on the cusp of my fifty eighth year, I wish I had learned a lot of things when I was younger, but I am grateful for having learned them. This past year has brought some big changes. Some were negative, some were positive. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey as I try to follow my King closer and closer each day, learning how to live as he wants. Should be interesting.


Kansas Bob said...

"reduced to Jesus"

Cannot think of a better description!

Happy 57 Fred!

co_heir said...

Thanks Bob!

Wayward Son said...

Happy Birthday, Fred. Great thoughts here. Grateful for your friendship via the blogosphere.

co_heir said...

Thanks. I am grateful for your cyber friendship as well.

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