Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

Last week Jan and I were in Los Angeles visiting our daughter, Jennie. We went to a party on a roof overlooking Hollywood, hiked in a canyon, saw some blue whales and dolphins, went to a Mexican market in downtown LA, and attended a street festival. I even learned to drive in LA traffic. We had a wonderful time, and it was hard to leave. But, leave we did, coming back to the 95-100 degree temperatures here in the sunny South.

Here are the best of the links I've seen this week:

Non violence (HT: Arthur Sido).
Alan Knox has a poem.

This was the Grand Prize Winner in the Philips sponsored constrained cinema competition "Tell It Your Way". The entrants were restricted to six lines of dialogue, "What is that?," "It's a unicorn," "Never seen on up close before," "Beautiful," "Get away, get away," "I'm sorry." (HT: Josh)

We're not the only ones who have a hard time believing God answers prayer.
Thoughts on women in society from Emily Timbol.

Wayward Son on fitting the need.
Good post from Alan Knox.

Chaplain Mike's view of Scripture.

I hope you have a restful weekend.

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Weekend Wanderings

After some really warm days here in the sunny South, the temperatures have been just a bit above normal with a fair amount of rain. The prof...