Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

This has been an interesting week. Terrible storms devastated large parts of the Southeast, particularly Alabama. It is heart breaking to see the destruction and loss of life, and it also good to see the Church moving in to help. Here in this part of the sunny South, it has been cooler than normal, but we have been spared the worst of the recent weather.

It was interesting to see the fascination that we Americans have with what goes on across the Atlantic when it concerns the royal family. I saw bits and pieces of The Wedding, and it is interesting to see the tradition and history involved.

On to the good stuff:

Dan Edelen writes about the forgotten prayer of Jesus.
Richard Wagner writes about coconut.
Part 1 of a series on living as Easter people.

For those who believe that China is granting more "religious freedom," comes this news (HT: iMonk).
David Sehat writes about church and state (HT: Scot McKnight).
John Armstrong writes about a clash of worldviews.

Dr. Terry Dorsett writes about rudeness.
David B. Hart writes about Ayn Rand.

Jeremy Myers writes about activities that are not church sponsored.
Jon Acuff writes about 9 words.

Enjoy your week. Continue to live in the Resurrection!

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Weekend Wanderings

After some really warm days here in the sunny South, the temperatures have been just a bit above normal with a fair amount of rain. The prof...