Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World Vision Wednesday

John Fischer has written an excellent article concerning lessons learned working among Muslims. I've quoted it below.

This morning I had the opportunity of hearing Dave Robinson speak at a Women of Vision Orange County Partnership Breakfast. Dave is the Senior Advisor for Operations for World Vision International. He has also lived most of his life as a Christian amongst Muslim people, and this is what I have to say about that: Why don’t we let this man inform our thinking and our activity towards Muslim people in this country and around the world instead of listening to a man who has lived in suburban America all his life and whose only claim to understanding Muslims is the fact that he is a popular radio talk show host? Why were 75 people listening to what the qualified man said and hundreds of thousands listening to the other? Why is fear more popular than reason?

Among a number of stories Mr. Anderson imparted was this one. In the wake of initial U.S. successes in Iraq, a moderate Muslim man said to Dave, “America is great.” To which he responded, “No. God is great,” which is actually a very common Muslim phrase of worship not unlike our Christian, “Praise the Lord.”

“Are you Muslim?” asked the man excitedly when he heard that.

After some thought, Dave replied, “I am a student of Jesus Christ.”

Notice he didn’t say, “I am a Christian,” which would have put him at odds with the Muslim man. Actually, Muslims are students of Jesus Christ too.

“Initiate open ended conversations that will eventually lead to Jesus,” Anderson said over and over. “Seek common ground even though the core of the message is missing.”

How often do we do that?

Last September, we had as global crisis on our hands because a pastor in Florida wanted to burn a copy of the Koran in retaliation for the memory of 9/11/2001. Anderson said that had he succeeded, it would have ended World Vision’s presence in any and all Muslim countries of the world.

Seek common ground. Initiate open-ended conversations that will eventually lead to Jesus. Not a bad way to operate with everyone. Cast aside fear and get smart.


Dan Allen said...

I remember someone else doing something like this. I think his name was Paul, and when he saw the people's temple to the unknown god, he used that as common ground to bridge the conversation to Christ. I think he may have known what he was doing.


co_heir said...

Yeah, Paul is one whose example we could probably follow and be okay.

Good thoughts.

Williams Arena said...

My husband, who has been reading lots of books about the Muslim faith to try and gain an understanding of their beliefs, wanted me to send you a word of thanks.

Funny thing....he will sometimes mention a little tid-bit about Muslims at church or in a small group and everyone immediately bristles. Considering another faith's point-of-view doesn't mean you have to agree with just shows that you are willing to find a common ground to start the relationship that will allow you to show Christ to that person in a real, authentic, and loving way.

@Dan - Interesting connection between the blog post and the Apostle Paul.

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