Saturday, August 21, 2010

Community Happenings

One of our goals at St. Thomas is to get to know each other, in order to grow together as a body and be able to build each other up. We can't do that by meeting only on Sunday morning, so we have been getting together at other times. About two weeks ago we gathered at a house and spent a few hours together, eating and drinking, and telling each other a little bit of our stories. We talked about the earliest age at which we remember being wounded in spirit. It was eye opening and I think it gave us all some understanding of where each of us is coming from and how those early experiences have shaped us.

A couple of nights ago, a few of us gathered at our house to hear one of our number and her daughter tell us about a recent trip to Europe. They showed pictures they had taken and told us about their travels. It was more than just a record of places visited though, as they shared how God had traveled with them and had spoken through their experiences, and how that continues to strengthen their faith. It was a good time of fellowship.

Some would say that what happened those two nights was not church, that it was, at best, a small group meeting. I firmly believe that the church was gathered together, and as we gathered, we mutually built each other up and grew closer as members of one another. We didn't sing any songs, listen to a sermon, or take up an offering.

But it was church. It was church.


Rich said...

Sounds awesome. We are headed in this direction as I am pretty sure we are done with the institution is that the American church. It's heartening to know there are other options out there that are working.

norma j hill said...

It's been my experience that generally, small group meetings (or at least small church gatherings) are, more often than not, church at it best.

co_heir said...

It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me. I think you'll find it best as well.

That's been my experience too, even while in larger churches.

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