Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's time once again for your favorite Friday post: TGIF! Well, at least it's my favorite of the post that I write on Fridays. :)

If there is such an entity as Mother Nature, she's really being a b**** lately. There's been another large earthquake, this time in China. The death toll is currently over 600 and is sure to climb in days to come. That makes at least the fifth large earthquake in the past three months. I don't know if this is far beyond normal or not. I am sure that some parts of the Church are positive that the end is very soon, maybe even before May, 2011. Regardless, please pray for those affected by all of the recent quakes.

Here are the links:

Jennie put a couple of videos together for the company she works for, here and here. It's amazing what cameras can do these days. (Yes, I am a proud father)
The apolitical old evangelical.
Holy ignorance.
Church buildings.

Alan Knox has a thought provoking post on unity.
Some of you might be able to use this post. I don't think it's something I have to deal with. :)
The Church beyond the Cross.
Donald Miller wants to tell you a story.
A house.

Everybody's broken.
An interesting way to use an old organ.
Our dangerous God.
Scot McKnight starts a series on changing culture.
A good question. (HT: Scot McKnight)

I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog.


AmyW said...

Love the Holy Ignorance link. Plan to share it with a few of my friends.

I don't know about your school schedule but my school year is s.l.o.w.l.y. coming to a close (5 more weeks). Thank goodness....teaching high schoolers in the midst of prom, band trips, senior events. etc is wearing me out :-)

Looking forward to next week's links.

co_heir said...

Amy, we have seven more weeks left. One of those is state testing and of course the last week nothing gets done. In middle school we don't have all the high school stuff, but I think spring fever hits them harder. :)

AmyW said...

I taught middle school for 13 years...8th grade. My husband still teaches middle school. You are right about spring fever hitting middle schoolers harder. Whenever a high school teacher complains about the middle school, I just roll my eyes and think, "You have NO idea"

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