Friday, September 4, 2009


What a week! This has been a very busy one. I have a couple of things rattling around in my head, but they'll have to wait for another day.

Here's the stuff for this week:

This is very, very funny. I think so, at least. A humble prayer from Megan Twietmeyer. Todd Hiestand coins a new word. Alan Knox has a three part series on the unhypocritical church. He's posted all three parts here. Barb is responding, not initiating. The smell of (d)emocracy. Francis Schaeffer, Toby Keith, and the Watchman. You get one life. A new kind of fundamentalist (HT: Jonathan Brink).

Dan Edelen has a very good post in his equipping the saints series. Find it here. Read the other posts too. What would you say? Scot Mcknight has some fun. This is funny (HT: Scot Mcknight). John Armstron asks what the church will do.

If you have Monday off, enjoy your long weekend. If not, enjoy the weekend you have.

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