Friday, June 5, 2009


To quote the philosopher Alice Cooper, "School's out for the summer." Tomorrow Jan and I fly out to California to visit Jennie, who lives in Santa Monica, and Josh who is out there visiting. We're looking forward to the trip. My internet access will be a bit spotty, so there may not be much activity here for a while. I leave you with the links for this week:

Shawna has an adventure in India. Harold Vance has a conversation with a beast. Molly has some good thoughts on the way of love. Never, ever, ever do this. A short introduction to NASCAR fashion. Now, this is just wrong. Alan Knox writes about grace. iMonk studies grace and discipleship. This artist is good! (HT: Brother Maynard)

An answer to the Patriot's Bible? Jeff McQ on last things. Are we teaching people not to think? I don't know quite what to think about this (HT: Jonathan Brink).

Enjoy reading. Have a good week.

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