Friday, April 24, 2009


TGIF is back. I had a good time at the beach last weekend. I was at Myrtle Beach and left about three days before the wildfire hit. If you think of it, pray for the people in that area. There are a lot of folks who have lost homes, and some have lost loved ones.

There was a lot of good stuff out there to read. Here's a sampling:

Dan Edelen writes another good post. Rich Wagner on God in school. Good poem from Josh. Is this funny or just wrong? iMonk meditates on morality. It's amazing what you can do with peeps (HT: Scot McKnight). There's some interesting discussions about women and the church here and here.

The Emmaus Road story retold. What does a post-Christian culture reject? Judgement begins with the house of God. Beautiful, and heartbreaking (HT: Bill at The Thinklings). Todd Hiestand on spiritual formation. 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus? Amy writes about quarrelsome Christians.

It's finally warming up here in the sunny South. In fact, it's a bit hot. :) Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning my blogpost!

As well, I'm so glad TGIF, by you, is back! You always cite many of the "best" of the week's blogposts, as well as introduce me to some new blogpages I had not read/or have in my Feedreader!

I wish you a wonderful, fun, and restful weekend, my friend!

~Amy :)

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